Wondolowski: Higher voter turnout in Cuyahoga County will lead to more votes for Cordray


On his monthly appearance on America’s Work Force Radio, Cleveland Building and Construction Trades Council Executive Secretary Dave Wondolowski said a higher than expected voter turnout in Cuyahoga County will benefit Rich Cordray, the Democratic Party candidate to become Ohio’s next governor.

CBCTC Executive Secretary Dave Wondolowski

Wondolowski, who also serves on the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections, told AWF host Ed “Flash” Ferenc the board is still predicting a 45 percent voter turnout. However, he feels turnout could approach the 50 percent mark.

Wondolowski  said the additional turnout should benefit Cordray, who is endorsed by the Cleveland Building and Construction Trades Council.

Besides the governor’s race, they discussed the U.S. Senate race, where incumbent Sen. Sherrod Brown has a wide margin, according to the polls, against his challenger, U.S. Rep Jim Renacci.

Ed “Flash” Ferenc, host of AWF.

Steve Dettlebach, who is also endorsed by the Cleveland Building Trades, is in a tight race against current Ohio Auditor David Yost to become Ohio’s next attorney general. Wondolowski said Dettelbach is the only candidate who would work to stop the misclassification of construction workers and go after contractors who do not pay their employees Prevailing Wage.

Early voting begins in Ohio on Oct. 10. Registered voters can vote at home through absentee voting, which gives absentee voters the opportunity to read their ballot.

Wondolowski also said the Cleveland Building Trades are in full campaign mode, as he and other members are visiting jobsites to talk about endorsed candidates with their members. They are also making phone calls and doing literature drops.

Click here to listen to the entire segment from America’s Work Force Radio, including Wondolowski’s thoughts on what he calls dirty commercials against Cordray by DeWine.

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