Wondolowski discusses 2019 political course of action on America’s Work Force Radio


On Dec. 11, Dave Wondolowski, Cleveland Building and Construction Trades Council Executive Secretary, discussed what the building trades will do following the 2018 midterm elections, on his monthly America’s Work Force Radio appearance.

CBCTC Executive Secretary Dave Wondolowski

Despite Republican control of Ohio, which includes Ohio’s statewide elected offices and a super majority in both houses, the building trades have what they believe is a majority of legislators in the Senate and just short of a majority in the House. This coalition is a group of elected officials who have indicated, through promises or previous votes, they support issues import to the building trades.

Even with this majority, the building trades, through ACT Ohio, will continue to reach out to legislators and educate them on the issues important to the building trades, in hopes of increasing their coalition.

Wondolowski said it will be a busy work year for his members on jobsites and should be a busy year for building trades leaders, who will be advocating on behalf of their members.

Ed “Flash” Ferenc, host of AWF.

He stressed the need to work with the new administrations and educate them on the importance of Prevailing Wage, Project Labor Agreements and the fight against So-Called “Right to Work.”

Additionally, building trades leaders will continue to advocate against major changes to Ohio Workers’ Compensation Fund. Last year, Wondolowski said business leaders proposed terrible changes to Workers’ Compensation, which would hurt his members and other members of the building trades. They will continue to push for sensible answers to properly fund Workers’ Compensation.

Click here to listen to the entire America’s Work Force Radio segment, as Wondolowski also talks about building trades apprenticeships.

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