Top Cleveland area tradesmen and tradeswomen honored with Craftsmanship Awards

2019 Craftsmanship Award

Roughly 200 people, including some of the area’s top journeymen, apprentices and contractors, attended the Craftsmanship Awards Ceremony on March 28, held at Windows on the River in Cleveland.

A partnership between the Cleveland Building and Construction Trades Council and the Construction Employers Association, the ceremony honored the top industry projects, the contractors and the men and women who worked on those projects.

During the event, Cleveland Building and Construction Trades Council Executive Secretary Dave Wondolowski spoke about the benefits of using union contractors.

“When a project owner hires a union contractor, they know the project will be finished on time, on budget, all work performed safely and at a high quality,” he said.

He also talked about the value of the apprenticeship model used by the union building trades, calling it one of the most important tools contractors and unions have to succeed in the competitive construction industry.

The first recognition of the evening went to the top apprentices from 17 different Cleveland area trades, who were honored as a group.

2019 Cleveland area Apprentices of the Year

2019 Cleveland area Apprentices of the Year


Following the acknowledgement of apprentices, Tom Wanner, Executive Director of the Cleveland chapter of the Mechanical Contractors Association, joined Wondolowski on stage to help honor the area’s top journeymen.

2019 Craftsmanship Awards

Bricklayer Local 5 member Ken Kirk was honored for his excellent masonry work at Pinecrest.

The last awards honored the region’s top projects.

The Cleveland Building Trades congratulates the following individuals, who were honored for their work:

Apprentice Local Union/District Council
Chris Szabo Glaziers Local 181
Brent Kwiatkowski Indiana/Kentucky/Ohio Regional Council of Carpenters
Nicholas Lanese Laborers’ Local 310
Mark Holmes IBEW Local 38
Philip Toney Roofers & Waterproofers Local 44
Ramon Candelaria Plasterers Local 526
Nicole Ohmer Bricklayers Local 5 (Bricklayer)
Kenneth  ‘Keith’  Kannard Bricklayers Local 5 (PPC)
Bryce Clemons Tile Layers Local 36
Artis Hicks Cement Masons Local 404
Daniel M. Pamer Boilermakers Local 744
Daniel Nottingham Heat and Frost Insulators Local 3
Jennifer Palentera Painters Local 707
Karrie Hill Sheet Metal Workers Local 33
Michael Spagnola Pipefitters Local 120
Joseph Riggen Plumbers Local 55
Travis Coombs Iron Workers Local 17


Journeyman Union/Trade Other Key Tradesmen and Tradeswomen Who Deserve Recognition for the Same Work
Chuck J. Tully Boilermakers Local 744
Ken Kirk Bricklayers Local 5 Chuck Zavarella, Dave Yerse
Michael Bisbee Carpenters (IKORCC) Dave Gaines and Joe Mihalick
Brian Grigsby Carpenters (IKORCC) Tony Rosa, James Kryger, Jeremiah Freeman and Matt Marcial
Randall Schaeffer Carpenters (IKORCC) Floid Richard, Debbie Steinbicker, Sam Montgomery, Pat Nelson, Tom Williams
Jeff Parker Cement Masons Local 404 Frank Sivillo
Michael Mendrea IBEW Local 38 Brian Delfs, Chase Leggett, Dave Kocmit, Patrick Schwitzgebel, Tim Bury
Ronald Coggins Glaziers Local 181
Wendy Nolen Iron Workers Local 17 Ron Meinhart
Dave Benak Laborers Local 310
Mike Lauria Operating Engineers Local 18 Keith Strever (General Superintendent)
Mark Hussing Painters Local 707 Greg Warnick, Aaron Sipos, Tom Bussy
Warren Engel Pipefitters Local 120 John Anderson, Alex Bolek
Brian Clifford Plumbers Local 55 Jason Suchy
Adam Livingston Roofers Local 44
Corey Jackson Roofers Local 44 Paul Cordell
Jesse Sickle Sheet Metal Workers Local 33
Scott Savage Sheet Metal Workers Local 33
Robert Wingeier Sheet Metal Workers Local 33
Mariusz Ossowski Tile Layers Local 36 Mike Ward, Kurt Kopatz, Tom Sigley

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