Members urged to join Cuyahoga County Democratic Party Central Committee

Affiliated members of the Cleveland Building Trades are urged to consider joining the Cuyahoga County Democratic Party Central Committee.

This year marks the beginning of another important political season and the Cuyahoga County Democratic Party has numerous openings on its Central Committee.

The CBCTC needs Central Committee representation in order to help shape the future of the party and ensure candidates understand the work our members perform and the issues important to us.

As our unions face mounting battles against So-Called “Right to Work” laws, attempts to repeal Prevailing Wage and attacks on Project Labor Agreements, it is imperative to play a role in the political process.

“It’s vitally important that our members get involved in the political process so that we can help choose candidates that believe in what we do and what we stand for,” said Cleveland Building and Construction Trades Council Executive Secretary Dave Wondolowski. “Being involved at this level will help determine how the political party is shaped.”

Applicants must be registered Democrats in Cuyahoga County.

For more information, please call 216-402-4789.

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