Like Michigan, repeal of Prevailing Wage could happen in Ohio


According to Cleveland Building and Construction Trades Council Executive Secretary Dave Wondolowski, the repeal of Prevailing Wage laws could happen in Ohio, just as it recently happened in Michigan.

Ed “Flash” Ferenc, host of AWF.

During his monthly appearance on America’s Work Force Radio, Wondolowski told AWF host Ed “Flash” Ferenc that the only way to ensure Ohio keeps Prevailing Wage is to elect Democrat Richard Cordray as the state’s next governor.

Cordray is running against Republican Mike DeWine to replace John Kasich as Ohio governor.

CBCTC Executive Secretary Dave Wondolowski

Wondolowski and Ferenc discussed Michigan’s repeal of Prevailing Wage and how it will hurt their building trades members.

As Ohio’s Attorney General, Cordray not only enforced Prevailing Wage, but also made contractors who violated the law pay back monies owed to employees, pay penalties and also barred them from working on future public projects.

DeWine, Ohio’s current Attorney General, cut the number of Commerce Department investigators and the few contractors his office does go after for not paying the Prevailing Wage are only required to pay workers the money they are owed. He has not made contractors pay any penalties, said Wondolowski.

To help elect Cordray, members of the Cleveland Building Trades will soon engage in a grassroots campaign to help Cordray establish better name recognition and help get out the Democratic vote.

Click here to listen to the entire segment from America’s Work Force Radio.

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